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Lucifer ( 7 minutes ago )

vampwalker709 : Okay here is the solution to there problem sedate him then incinerate him separate the ashes pour them into different cement and make cinder blocks for each little chunk of ash drop the cinder blocks into every ocean and deep water body and maybe some volcano's then burn the place you used to incinerate him just to be safe..... OR use that blade that could kill even gods that should work cause if god could give immortality that could withstand that why wouldn't he give it to himself.

Shark Tank ( 14 minutes ago )

Pisces_ : This is exactly the reason why I can't stand American reality television. A woman gets called a gold-digger by a man and ONLY the two non-Americans stand up for her and say something. That was absolutely disgusting to witness and the producers didn't even edit it out. Do business men not get a deal where they want a little more??? - does anyone call that gold-digging. Are they not on this show for a full 30 minute commercial of themselves! And BS about only being here to "help lives". He just brought someone down to their core on television for the world to attack her. I never liked that guy from the moment I watched on episode. He's a man with money and feels as if he can own a woman and say, do whatever he wants. Completely disgusted.

Den of Thieves ( 14 minutes ago )

finjongen : It's a complete rip from a combination of Heat and the Usual suspect, only this one is not done so well, here you just get fooled to try to create that same effect at the end as the usual suspect, but that effect is just not there.

Vikings ( 22 minutes ago )

torrac : fantastic ep but not history acute.

Mosaic ( 33 minutes ago )

Benevolentia : Sharon Stone is terrible in this - her acting is just not up to par and all those Basic Instinct poses ugh. This had potential and I will probably watch a few more episodes when they air to give it a chance... I guess.

The Crown ( 37 minutes ago )

HSKK : I have completely fallen in love with this epic portrayal of the Royal family

People Magazine Investigates ( 42 minutes ago )

BeautifulDaze : @Suarez71 lmao I thought the same thing on the first episode I watched.. Her facial expressions are over the top.. Also I hate when people say she'd NEVER do that she'd NEVER leave her door unlocked or she'd NEVER go anywhere without telling someone.. They NEVER do.. Well, UNTIL they do..

The Alienist ( 48 minutes ago )

alias6969 : Straight to favourites! Very creative - The writing is awesome and the Cast is very enjoyable to watch. I like where this show is headed. 5/5

Chicago Med ( 49 minutes ago )

missdarkly : Felt so bad for that couple, that ending broke my heart. Episodes like this are why I love Dr. Rhodes so much though, what a genuinely good person. I feel for Dr. Reese, hope she's eventually able to overcome her issues. Dr. Charles was right this isn't something she's going to get over in only two weeks.

Alien Abduction Incident in Lake County ( 54 minutes ago )

manditoe : This was pretty good, it seemed real, the actors were good! The little girl was creepy at times.. lol

Suburbicon ( 1 hour ago )

HowWordsTurn : don't care what anyone says . . I still think it was the shvartzes !

60 Days In ( 1 hour ago )

knightslayer57 : The chick who keeps saying "that is not me", it obviously IS you cause you keep doing it.

The Shape of Water ( 1 hour ago )

hollycoco : Meh. Tried to watch the weird mute woman feed boiled eggs to sea creature, but fell asleep multiple times.

Dr. Phil ( 1 hour ago )

hollycoco : That's a piece of shit if I ever seen one! He keeps saying he's taking full responsibility for his actions? How? His ass should be jailed!

Tragedy Girls ( 1 hour ago )

hollycoco : Dumb movie. It wasn't interesting, funny nor scary. Why bother killing all these guys at school nonsensically - for no reason, when there are so many guys out there who deserve to be offed. Like guys who creep on girls and collect side chicks, while their main chick is home loyally washing his drawers and taking care of his babies.

Only the Brave ( 1 hour ago )

GSPatton43 : Thanks for the upload guys, been waiting for this. (Should also be featured)

Gold Rush: White Water ( 1 hour ago )

mollywater : i never understand the ppl who watch these shows to see them find gold...isnt the constant pain and suffering of poorly thought out plans and ideas enough entertainment alone?

Next of Kin ( 1 hour ago )

springfield45 : Some decisions bite one in the arse, very good episode.

Gold Rush: White Water ( 1 hour ago )

hagbart : This show leaked faster than White Water.

Channel Zero ( 1 hour ago )

wieichbin : I personally loved that final scene. It said so much while showing so little.

The Alienist ( 1 hour ago )

thunderbolito : I liked this episode, the casting is top notch, the wardrobe matches the era as well as the roughness of its times, so far it has a lot appeal and keeps the audience watching, I can see this getting better with time.

The Shape of Water ( 1 hour ago )

Madamx28 : Bizarre and predictable! Have no idea how it got 13 Oscar nominations including Best Picture.

The Good Doctor ( 1 hour ago )

jen68g : Freddie Highmore is really taking this character on brilliantly. His performances always reach out to the audience. This episode was a heartfelt insight into the loneliness, and stigma associated with autism. Thanks for uploads.

Supergirl ( 1 hour ago )

missdarkly : This was a great episode actually, enjoyed it all the way through. Wynn and Brainys little rivalry is hilarious and I loved that they got all the powered girls to team up together. I was so miffed by what happened to my favorite though. I was looking forward to more interaction between those two than they went and killed my dreams.

The Shannara Chronicles ( 1 hour ago )

JChang : Till now it has been very interesting!

Batman Gotham by Gaslight ( 1 hour ago )

lowoil : Want some fun? Make a list of the PC hot button issues this slips into the mix. Then mark who they portray as the being on each side of those issues. **What does a light in the darkness do, it draws flies.** Then pay attention to the list they name as being supported by the baddies (can't give a spoiler on who is the villain or villains). Is Gotham a symbolic city of London? ............ All this can be yours to decipher with your free ticket to watch the new PC DC.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars ( 2 hours ago )

kenXz : Skywalker couldve simply used his jedi powers to make things Float! and save them all. I dont understand why these storm troopers became evil in Episode 4-5&6? And what happened to this storm troopers generation by Epiode 7-8? bcz those are the new breed of storm troopers under the First Order? Where did they retire off to?

Batman Gotham by Gaslight ( 2 hours ago )

tussles : Yesss I'm so excited! Thanks up loaders!!

Drunk History ( 2 hours ago )

christmastiger : Tiffany Haddish is not only hilarious but looked fine with that bob cut and hat.

Another Period ( 2 hours ago )

tapirpunk : HA! yes it's back, great first episode,

People Magazine Investigates ( 2 hours ago )

stephaniee_thall : HATE knowing how the non-justice system works in cases like this!

James Pattersons Murder Is Forever ( 2 hours ago )

ateras360 : Straight to favorites!! I am a huge fan of James Patterson books! Bravo uploaders! Thank you! Perfect sound and picture quality as well!

Only the Brave ( 2 hours ago )

jbls : I'd love to see the whole thing!! Please re-post.

The Alienist ( 2 hours ago )

springfield45 : Rather disappointed, I was so looking forward to it, the leads were rather weak. Just a time filler for me, one was enough.

Tragedy Girls ( 2 hours ago )

Etpowa : Storm and Negasonic Teenage Warhead as two social media obsessed wannabe killers, sounds nice! A dark horror comedy that feels different yet familiar at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chain of Command ( 2 hours ago )

Adlh29 : This is a great show to watch if you're an ignorant cyber warrior who talks shit on soldiers because it will get your comment likes. The heavy planning and authorization needed to carry out missile and bomb runs shows the USA isn't just a bunch of butchers launching missiles at schools. It's a lot easier to constantly criticize that which you lack the courage to do than to do it. Run ISIS Run!

Will & Grace ( 2 hours ago )

Littlechamorro : EXCUSE MEEEEEEEEEEE???????

The Simpsons ( 3 hours ago )

Sarsaparilla : I love the episodes with Ralph.

Thor: Ragnarok ( 3 hours ago )

idrow : Equal parts action and comedy, it was a fun ride. I was a bit disappointed at the direction it took in the beginning, it was a bit hokey, but I found myself laughing in parts despite that. All in all, a very fun popcorn flick.

Suburbicon ( 3 hours ago )

GSPatton43 : If youre going to make 'Proud Mary' and 'Delirium' featured films, then this should be as well. With that said, I'm going to have to try and watch this again again later, I tried last night but just couldn't get into it. The film was all over the place in the first 30 minutes. But it is a major motion picture nonetheless and should be featured.

Batman Gotham by Gaslight ( 3 hours ago )

mrnobody130442 : i tap out after 10 minute

The Haunted Palace ( 3 hours ago )

s0m12 : Loved it ! What a coincidence, I was reading the Creepy comics and one of the stories was this one! Then I decided to watch this movie not knowing it was the story I just read wtfff lol.

The Alienist ( 3 hours ago )

ateras360 : I was asked by TNT Network for my opinion of this show. I have not read the books, so I would be unfair to give one until I read them because of course, the books are usually better than the movies or in this case, shows. I just couldn't keep my concentration held that much for this first episode. Not saying it was bad by no means, it just didn't set that spark like Supernatural, Blacklist, Penny Dreadful or Dr, Who, but it seems like better things are to come, so I will wait until then to see if I get intrigued.It is going in my favorites so I don't miss an episode though.

Batman Gotham by Gaslight ( 3 hours ago )

geingis : Wow, this is dark..i loved it

Lucifer ( 3 hours ago )

missdarkly : "How dare you!" XD

Love, Kennedy ( 3 hours ago )

Zena53 : Too lifetime-ish!!! Acting contrived, story predictable. It would have been better to present this story as a documentary.

Only the Brave ( 3 hours ago )

thunderbolito : Heart moving real life film, 5/5 very well done, my heart goes out those brave men and their families, this is a very moving film with a great cast and a based on true events movie, well worth a few watches.

Cops ( 3 hours ago )

Tazman79 : Tell me where your drugs are so I can help you LMFAO!!!

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vampwalker709 : Okay here is the solution to there problem sedate him then incinerate him separa ...

Shark Tank

Pisces_ : This is exactly the reason why I can't stand American reality television. A woma ...

Den of Thieves

finjongen : It's a complete rip from a combination of Heat and the Usual suspect, only this ...


torrac : fantastic ep but not history acute.


Benevolentia : Sharon Stone is terrible in this - her acting is just not up to par and all thos ...

The Crown

HSKK : I have completely fallen in love with this epic portrayal of the Royal family

People Magazine Investigates

BeautifulDaze : @Suarez71 lmao I thought the same thing on the first episode I watched.. Her fac ...

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