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American Crime Story ( 5 hours ago )

L053R : Way more artistic license taken in the show than i expected but we'll see

The Shape of Water ( 5 hours ago )

katebunny85 : Some people will just never like fish no matter how you present it to them. Meh, more for me. 8/10 would buy more salt for the fishy again.

Arrow ( 5 hours ago )

christmastiger : "Caden James didn't create an environment of mistrust. Caden James didn't demand allegiance and then play by his own rules" Yes, Curtis, he literally did all of those things. I feel like the writers are making stuff deliberately dumb or overly PG and think that won't slip by us and that's what's most insulting. It's sad but I might finally be done.

Celebrity Big Brother ( 5 hours ago )

FictionalChef : This episode proves what I've been saying: Typical Millennial behavior - inconsiderate of everyone else, demanding to be heard, proclaiming to be right, and thin-skinned when the world doesn't agree with you - all intensified (and uncensored) when drunk. Andrew is everything that's wrong with society.

The Woman in Black ( 5 hours ago )

sarahgloster : I put this movie off for years now, I finally watched it tonight because my boyfriend it's good and he wanted to watch the second one. I'm glad I watched it. It was creepy and scared me a few times. Definitely worth a watch 7/10

Bring It! ( 5 hours ago )

nakedheart : the creative from all teams were great and that split was the icing on the cake!

Final Portrait ( 6 hours ago )

lasagna50 : I love these artistic movies about art. I've seen so many fine performances by Geoffrey Rush, and this is one of them. Stanley Tucci does an impeccable job with this project: a quietly inspiring movie.

Mom and Dad ( 6 hours ago )

imasmf : Wow, that was really bad. it's not horror, it's not comedy, The beginning was sort of interesting but theres no real ending and everything in the middle is just a mess. I was really looking forward to this from the trailer I'd seen but I'm very disappointed. Its one of those movies I thank god for the pirates for because I'd be really mad if I'd pay to see it!

Day of the Dead: Bloodline ( 6 hours ago )

paulzpc : Not as bad as the comments lead you to believe.A little long getting to the heart of the story, but it got there, good for a one time watch. 8/10

City of Ember ( 6 hours ago )

EdgeWalkerx : This movie is far better deservingbthan a box office bomb. It wasnt the greatest cinematic acheivement of all time, but certainly should have fared better. solid 3/5.

Strange Frequency ( 6 hours ago )

sik187 : wow part 1 & 2 primewire is the best entertainment site on the whole world wide web! THank you soooo much uploader

South Park ( 6 hours ago )

MICHAELMYERS : some 80's bands are getting paid foe sure royal teeeee!

Pawn Stars ( 6 hours ago )

hard2believe : Inspired by some vintage Pocket Fisherman rods brought in, Rick challenges Chum and Hoss to go to a local fishing hole to try their luck. The Beard of Knowledge weighs in on a strange rock found in Utah: is it a meteorite or dino doo?

Primeval New World ( 6 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : This episode was very poorly done.

Strange Frequency 2 ( 6 hours ago )

sik187 : thank you soooooooo much for this i have been trying to watch this movie forever! now if i could find part 1 i would be estatic! peace&love

Bright ( 6 hours ago )

bobbythebest : It’s good movie well worth watching 8/10

Delirium ( 6 hours ago )

OnCinema : no enough women of color or gay people in wheelchairs though. shit pissed me off when they white wash it. Goodnight everyone. see you at the oscar awards

Delirium ( 6 hours ago )

OnCinema : blair witch is back and this time it featured demonic lolis attacking 1990's style young people

Thor: Ragnarok ( 6 hours ago )

ibgabe : Generally speaking... 3/5 | Marvel universe ... 4/5 | Thor series ... 5/5 Great installment. Loved the humor. Best of the Thors, hands down.

Touching the Void ( 6 hours ago )

OnCinema : I believe this is the film David Cross referred to (accidentally, I guess) as "Into The Void" in his book 'I Drink For A Reason'. I'm sure most of us were brought here from listening to the audio book

Colony ( 6 hours ago )

oneinyenottawa : Season 3 is set to start March 18/2018.

Naked ( 6 hours ago )

t0pboi : This is so silly and entertaining. And having Loretta Devine as part of the cast is the icing on the wedding cake.

Young Justice ( 6 hours ago )

B7T7 : Why's his name Dick. Dick? Really? If his name is Richard, just call him Rick.

Grace and Frankie ( 7 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : Loved this episode, and that ending was perfect.

Wolf Creek 2 ( 7 hours ago )

MICHAELMYERS : i am going to gather up a team.. we are going to kill that sob!watch out mick we coming for u .. low life scum!

Fragile ( 7 hours ago )

un4given2008 : Pretty kewl actually. nice haunting flick,thanx uploader, to bad it took 4 links to watch the whole movie

Insidious: The Last Key ( 7 hours ago )

VegasWalkinDude : Weird. I'm a rabid fan of the original Insidious. The others suffered to an extent from the laws of diminishing returns. The Last Key is actually structured better than the other sequels. But for whatever reason, it took me three nights to get through this. I agree with other critics: It's time to lock the Insidious series into The Further and move on.

Travelers ( 7 hours ago )

catsinQ : To think that that "doctor" destroyed her brain and then just dropped her in the middle of nowhere - I'm so glad she knows the whole truth - and it's even more than we knew up to this ep.

The Commuter ( 7 hours ago )

nalaerog1969 : I have had it these these mothaf**kin snakes on this mothaf**kin train!

Astro Boy ( 7 hours ago )

sirenofthesea : This movie was really touching and had some twists in it. It is good for another watch.

The Good Doctor ( 7 hours ago )

dsteinhall : Wow, this episode was an emotional roller coaster. I cried a lot of tears!! I love this show!! I hope is stays around for a long time!!!

Naked and Afraid ( 7 hours ago )

drromeo911 : She does not want to cuddle, you are not her type she is not attracted to you, so stop repeating the same phrases 'wana cuddle?' ' I don't know why she does not want to cuddle?' you have fire so sleep by the fire and leave the girl alone.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 7 hours ago )

bondad : If this episode doesn't choke you up, you ain't human!

The Midnight Man ( 7 hours ago )

Payajin : nope I barely made it 30 minutes, this is one of the worst bad horror movies I saw in the last months, stupid all around. 2/5

The Midnight Man ( 7 hours ago )

argento_man17 : After a cool start it gets real boring. I can't recommend this.

Young Justice ( 7 hours ago )

B7T7 : btw, show's back on. set to air later this year. season 3 is being worked on as we speak.

Hard As Nails ( 7 hours ago )

facteau579 : Have no clue how this got a rating over a 3, but really, one can only deal with so much stupid before one's brain frys, you can try this, but I did try and warn you!

Grace and Frankie ( 7 hours ago )

ThomasinaPaine : This is an excellent season~~it's touching all the bases. Tomlin is exactly as I would picture her to be in real life--wish Fonda would lighten up a smidge...well maybe 2 smidges.

Hell's Kitchen ( 7 hours ago )

Tazman79 : I lost respect for Milly tonight

Happy ( 7 hours ago )

PaleHorse4 : Happy " ROCKS!!! " I agree I hate to see Dark Matter go. But, I'm already hooked on Happy and can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Young Justice ( 8 hours ago )

B7T7 : every time he says "crash" i wanna say "bandicoot"

Britannia ( 8 hours ago )

hollyrogers : Enjoyed pilot episode. Was weird but in a good way! I'm not as familiar with The Druids and wonder how much we're bungling it up. :) If I have a complaint it's with the dialogue - little information can be gleaned from what's said. That's why I'll keep watching. The story seems compelling enough and The Outcast, Veran, and black eyeballs lady are fascinating!

Primeval New World ( 8 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : Patrick Gilmore (plays David Mailer in Travelers) guest stared in this episode. The story was funny and had enough of action to keep one interested.

The Coven ( 8 hours ago )

ChanceRox : For a British low budget horror movie, it's actually not that bad, but for a movie in general, it's bad. I've seen WAY WORSE, but this movie is very slow and boring. The twist at the end was cute, but couldn't save the film. 2/5 stars

SWAT (2017) ( 8 hours ago )

SmittShow : Ok imagine that Jesus was black ok? Still with me? Now he's black and a cop! Come with him on a holy mission to be the purest swat officer there ever was. Wait! There's more! He wants to relate to the people in the hood! Hows he do it? He tells him that he used to hate cops too! But now that he became one he made everything better! Showtime! Queue corniest theme song ever, then queue bad guys who want to crucify black Jesus! Black Jesus and his friends save the day! Rinse and Repeat!

High Maintenance ( 8 hours ago )

lasagna50 : Heeee's back! This new season 1st episode is mysterious, sexy hot, and cute.

Gold Rush: White Water ( 8 hours ago )

Raspbrryswirl : Dustin has such a BIG Ego! He is really kinda a jerk! His personality leaves something to be desired!

Everybody Hates Chris ( 8 hours ago )

StrangeShadow : I think everyone saw this one coming.

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