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Everybody Hates Chris ( 8 hours ago )

StrangeShadow : I think everyone saw this one coming.

The Square ( 8 hours ago )

way2go : Thank you uploaders. This film could be an Oscar nominee.

The Book of Henry ( 8 hours ago )

diab1988 : A beautiful movie, highly recommended.

Take Me Out ( 8 hours ago )

Pancakes4me : This is my favorite episode

The 33 ( 8 hours ago )

ditzygypsy : I put off watching this because I hate anything underground, and I don’t like underwater things much more, but I’m glad I finally watched it. Amazing movie. Just amazing.

The Simpsons ( 8 hours ago )

Sarsaparilla : Marge failed as a mayor; who would have thought.

Never Hike Alone ( 9 hours ago )

Prepp : this movie was trash egg chen was far better

Never Hike Alone ( 9 hours ago )

Prepp : dog shit egg chen is the best

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 9 hours ago )

saltydawg067 : i honestly don't know what i just watched. this was all over the place, pretty much literally. all the time travel along with too many subplots and "seer" nonsense in one episode just didn't do anything for me.

The Aftermath ( 9 hours ago )

Son_of_Wibble : It never fails to amaze me how this cinema masterpiece never won an Oscar.

The Loud House ( 9 hours ago )

BeauTyStarZ : pretty darn good.. very cute and funny

Blindspot ( 9 hours ago )

BntyHunter : OMG the SJW is strong here. Knowing this world more than these writers makes it laughable. Delta type soldiers who are the most stable and controlled people on the earth turn into pyhcos all the sudden who hate minorities for some reason. Delta doesn't lose hostages ever because they are loose cannons who jump the gun. Its because they are the most monitored and checked soldiers of all time. The selection process is more about stability than physicality. Also, refugees vetting is laughable compared to the vetting we do to those same soldiers. Its not 3 years, and war-torn countries dont have LinkedIn for job history, DMV or Social security or hospitals to prove who they are. As comey said "the database can only query what it has inside it" without enough data screening is useless and its why we need much stricter controls. The most relevant questions are ignored..."Do you condone capital punishment gays", or "Do you condone capital punishment for women who have sex out of wedlock"? or, "Should men and women have equal rights?" You would think these were important right? I can tell you the answer to many of these asked to average men in war torn countries would be very surprising.

Primeval New World ( 9 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : Exciting right near the end, but lots of slow no action boring time before. Also, gross things for shock value rather than scary.

Justice League ( 9 hours ago )

ShiftyAiden : Made it 35 minutes, nothing against DC or Marvel, just done with all this superhero stuff. At this point they are literally all the same movie! I've got all my villains, doomsday domination plots and magic McGuffins devices mixed up in my head. It was less preachy than the others. In the first half hour Batman complained about humanity and global warming just once and only 1 group of white nationalists terrorized an innocent muslim woman. Sigh.. 3.6/5

Fragile ( 9 hours ago )

humanhybred : Great movie, creepy location, thick atmosphere and a great cast...Don't watch it in the dark...4/5*

LBJ ( 9 hours ago )

RobertaT : I lived through this time and found the movie informative and balanced. That's about all we can hope for from a historical movie. The antipathy between Bobby Kennedy and Johnston was well portrayed.

Final Portrait ( 9 hours ago )

andoniboy : This is a portrait of an artist as an old man. The suffering of the creative mind to be at peace with his "unfinished" works of art. The struggle of the artist with his art through doubt and uncertainty. Geoffrey Rush gives a wonderful performance as such an artist meandering through relationships with his wife, muse/lover, brother and a young American writer representing the expeditious New World in perfect juxtaposition to the timelessness of old one. A joy for anyone interested in the creative process and some interesting criticism of Chagall and Picasso. Bravo Mr. Tucci and many thanks to the uploaders.

The Open House ( 9 hours ago )

ol_dirty : had nothing to it. no creepy story to scare you and no jump scares either. A scary needs to scare you. this will not. just kinda dumb and left me saying "okay". 2/5

Dr. Ken ( 10 hours ago )

drno62 : Dr. Ken has been K.E.N.C.E.L.L.E.D!

Mama June from Not to Hot ( 10 hours ago )

benicia_99 : She's even more of a not than before. Can't put lipstick on a pig and call it a lamb (or whatever an attractive animal is).

The Path ( 10 hours ago )

dmac360 : WoW!! This series has taken a turn this season. This is not your Daddy's Myerism. Last couple of scenes are .... award category. Maybe not but they do register. Really looking forward to where they take it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ( 10 hours ago )

NaoShadowpaws : Calipso gave Jack the compass, he didn't get it from some pirate dude on a ship. Kind of annoying they couldn't keep the story together.

Arrow ( 10 hours ago )

gabex : i hope the B team Fails

Happy ( 10 hours ago )

abmonfort : So original. "Kitchen-sink" writing style (throw everything at it) rocks here. Loving it. Chris Meloni is one of the few actors who can make us believe in Nick Sax (what a name). Just brilliant. Days when "SyFy" meant poor quality are over, I think. This will win some awards.

Mindhunter ( 10 hours ago )

little_poppet : trust... it's gone now. totally badass ep.

The Snowman ( 11 hours ago )

s0m12 : Such a bad movie don't waste your time.

Primeval New World ( 11 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : Perhaps comparing is not fair, but whoever watch the original BBC Primeval first will notice these things. This episode was okay, but in comparison, these characters are not nearly as charismatic, the creatures not as scary, and there is not nearly as much action. I did not once feel the edge of the seat reaction where I did every time with the original.

Woman on the Run ( 11 hours ago )

sarahgloster : This movies reminds me of a lifetime movie. Not what I want to watch. I turned it off ten mins in. On to the next

Mother! ( 11 hours ago )

germany1981 : In 1 big House, Husband and wife living in there, 1 by 1 coming stranger's in the house, husband let him in without knowing who this stranger's are,wife totally confused all the time that's it. I just wanna say,,,, 2/5 stars Thanks for uploading

Gold Rush: White Water ( 11 hours ago )

Raspbrryswirl : I was wondering what happened to the Dakota Boys. Now I know! The title of this episode is perfect Between Craziness & Insanity! I guess Gold Fever will drive people to do all kinds of things.......

Super Dark Times ( 11 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : Super Dark Times is very reminiscent of River's Edge (1986), for me. The weird amoral, escalating paranoia vibe is a deeply common thread in both films. Though River's Edge is about a more intentional murder, the uneasy feeling I got as a viwer is much the same. Both films are slow and meticulous, both films involve teen crushes, and both involve death at the hands of supposed friends who cover it up, out of fear, and....well that's the real question. There are intentionally slowed down scenes, but they are not misplaced. If you're in the mood for fast action, this is not the film for you. This film moves with intention. I really enjoyed it. It was a delightful surprise. Thank you very much, uploaders.

On the Nose ( 11 hours ago )

annelapham : A cute story and great actors make this comedy a fun ride. Sure, it is silly and at times ridiculous but all in proportion to the story. Will recommend to friends who enjoy spoofs.

Britannia ( 11 hours ago )

Benevolentia : 💜 Finally a new show that is actually full of entertainment with excellent production quality and great acting! I was very pleased with this pilot especially after reading it's comparison to Game of Thrones (which I absolutely love) I had high expectations and shocked that I was in fact, not disappointed. I can't wait to see where this goes and I look forward to the rest of the season. As for the "historical accuracy" I just have to laugh at the comments and how people just love to point out nonsense no matter how good something really is especially with so many crap tv shows out there and FINALLY we have this - straight to my favourites.🍿 Thank you @uploaders!

Shoot 'Em Up ( 12 hours ago )

PaleHorse4 : I think the title says it all. It's just a fun, completely "off the hook" Shoot Em' Up movie.

Will & Grace ( 12 hours ago )

vijaypg1 : just as good as always

The Flash ( 12 hours ago )

aeternaqueen : Barry is currently the fastest speedster of all time yet can't speed clean and get rid of the body before the cops walk through the door?

The Last Boy Scout ( 12 hours ago )

PaleHorse4 : Watch out! You never know when Ol' Satan Claus is watching.

The Midnight Man ( 12 hours ago )

Suzicueball : Thanks to most of the comments and for Shaye and Englund I watched it. I really liked it as with most IFC midnight films. Good story and creep factor. Cool last kill lol...I think this was based off a creepy pasta story.

The Aftermath ( 12 hours ago )

mrnobody130442 : usualy am a sucker for these apocalypse movie but this is baaaaaad

Master of None ( 12 hours ago )

desutoroya : this episode was awesome. i really love how this season is so creative. the black and white first episode and now the use of sound in this one... and i also love the different title animations. very nicely done.

The Path ( 12 hours ago )

ultimate5195 : You need to be a certain kind of 'Person' to like this program.....I'm one of those people.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 12 hours ago )

worksa7 : Oh boy, when I woke up to day I sure was I hope I get to cry today! Hope you're happy shield!

Delirium ( 12 hours ago )

spyroboy : The plot and build up were great, but the movie quickly fell apart and became boring, with cheap effects and terrible acting. 2/5. Had they put a little more effort in, it may have been an amazing movie.

Ink Master ( 12 hours ago )

showmestateofmind : Def rooting for matt buck. I was a canvas on the show this season and tattooed by Jason... he was honestly kind of a sexist asshole. The tattoo he did on me killed it tho. I'm excited to see what happens because everyone is sooooo talented.

The Seven-Ups ( 12 hours ago )

ronbonnie : After the success of The French Connection the 70s got a slew of cop movies some good and some not so good. This one is good starring Roy Scheider leading a squad of tough cops who aren't afraid to break some rules to get results. Good acting and action in this gritty crime drama. 4/5

Gold Rush: White Water ( 12 hours ago )

nealnbob : Fred found a woman after his own heart, a gold digger!

Mom and Dad ( 13 hours ago )

halloween1 : Fun one timer, it should be listed under comedy though and not horror.

An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn ( 13 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Watched about 42mins of it and the it got bored. The jokes are kinda repetitive.

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Master of None

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Hawaii Five-0

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