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Tammy ( 13 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Such a terrible comedy movie. One of Melissa McCarthy's worst. SHe is an awsome actress without a doubt but the script and execution here is so messy and unfunny. Susan Sarandon kinda looks young for the role she played.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars ( 13 hours ago )

D0S81 : ''republic forces in retreat, while rescuing general aayla secura from certain defeat'' thought he was gonna rhyme the whole intro, was kinda gutted when he didn't. lol

Shameless ( 13 hours ago )

christmastiger : Whoever did the set for the Asian chick's room should be fired, she's supposed to have tattoos, work on bikes, and listen to heavy metal but she has a frilly pastel girly room? I'm starting to dislike the characters lately, hopefully that will change.

The Midnight Man ( 13 hours ago )

urizen : 5/5 spooky and creepy. Great location, great-looking monster and awesome vibes. But...screenplay was just awful, there was no logic in it. Not even one raional behavior. Literally none. Characters just appear out of blue, they made so many just stupid things that instead of feel the action, I constantly analysed how someone can be so stupid. Like: blondie in the circle and they just kissing and talking. OK, one or two stupid actions and Im ok, but no, here from begining to thr end whole script sucks. But it was real pleasure watch this one, and I really enjoyed. Definitely Primewire stuff should put this one into blockbuster panel insted of unwatchable Delirium. So, overall this is how you should made good horror without tons of gold. But, just for the record...rabbit, really? :) Hope it was metaphor of her child...

Naked and Afraid ( 13 hours ago )

drromeo911 : Poor guy is useless no hunting skills whatsoever. I thing even the alligators were talking among themselves ''we have to help this crappy hunter'' so they went and killed a deer for the guy who never stopped saying am a hunter that's what I do, shame on you. May be you're hunting in the grocery store.

Westworld ( 13 hours ago )

YgraineDance : Agree with @tremor_ncafc below. IMO his performance made the whole film work, with that sinister aura that, eventually, through the actor's skill, curiously shifted somewhat, making you feel at least some compassion for the machines which, though intelligent, were made to solely to serve the dumbest of every rich human's whim. So memorable!

Happy ( 13 hours ago )

Suzicueball : Talk about Toy story the darkside :P Hap the little blue jackass loving it and can't wait for the next two eps and I'm already hoping for a 2nd season.

Back in the Day ( 14 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : WOrth a watch if u keep your expectation low. The director kinda used too much slow mo to make the jokes work.

High Maintenance ( 14 hours ago )

MontyFly : I'm so happy it's back and wish I could wake and bake like that again. The scene on the train touched my heart.

The Graham Norton Show ( 14 hours ago )

moggsy71 : fair play to Grant, he put it out there. He is a star for this interview.

Restored ( 14 hours ago )

YabbaDabbaDude : GORGEOUS HOMES with the utmost respect for what they are, not what's popular in today's market. PLUS a host who reminds me of Woody from TOY STORY and a master carpenter who is hot as heck!

Britannia ( 14 hours ago )

arw115611 : Im watching it for David Morissey.

Happy ( 14 hours ago )

Suzicueball : Lmao ...what are words for when no one listens anymore. Eww a few drops of yuck lol. Weirder and weirder yep and I like it :)

Black Mirror ( 14 hours ago )

InSpadez : Absolutely compelling and thought provoking. I couldn't help but feel sick watching through it. But I couldn't stop watching... twisted.

Britannia ( 14 hours ago )

TX2Guns : I was expecting something like Centurion but instead got some kind of weird wanna-be Game of Thrones with heavy doses of Fantasy Land. I did not make it even all the way through the the first episode before switching off.

Superstition ( 14 hours ago )

BoonCabal : The acting on this show is terrible. The characters are very flat and bland because the actors aren't delivering their lines with any real feeling behind them (I keep picturing puppeteers in black body suits, crawling around out of the camera's view, with their arms up the actors' backsides, making them talk). Of course, that's not entirely their fault because the writing is also quite bad. Some of these characters are supposed to have known each other for ages, yet the dialogue between them feels very forced because they speak to one another like they are complete strangers, and just now learning the personality quirks of the other. One might think that there would be a welcome break from the bad acting whenever a new character/villain is introduced. Wrong! It just gets worse. They end up overacting and doing things like pushing out these super-fake over-the-top laughs that make it feel like a bad B-movie that would only air at two o'clock in the morning in the early '90s (Please save us, Gilbert! Cut to commercial!). Seriously though, I'm seven episodes in, and I want so bad to like this show and to see it be successful, but it's absolute torture. I find myself cringing and going 'wtf' once every few minutes. And what is up with Garvey? They dress her like some floozy rave rat, as if at any moment the music is going to kick in while she busts out her glow sticks and starts dancing. BOOM tss, BOOM tss, BOOM tss, BOOM tss smdh

Murder on the Orient Express ( 14 hours ago )

Wayballoo : Watched this in the cinema last week, eyes half shut. I fell asleep so did my friend; someone in the row behind us said he'd fallen asleep too. Oh boy. Scenery, and atmosphere was good. But everything else fell short, despite the to-die for cast. Spent weeks looking forward to this movie. Basically I spent 20.-francs to have a kip in a plush velvet chair!

Mama June from Not to Hot ( 14 hours ago )

melissa1983 : She can get all the plastic surgery she wants, she's still ugly on the inside. She willingly got into a relationship with the man who molested her daughter. She's trash.

Bad Grandmas ( 14 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Worth a watch. It has some good funny moments.

Roast Battle ( 15 hours ago )

mrelectriccity : ok at the very best not nearly as good as the american version this is just more weird than funny

Westworld ( 15 hours ago )

tremor_ncafc : Damn good movie. Holds up extremely well. The inclusion of Yul Brynner (Magnificent Seven, 1960) adds to that Western feel. Great casting choice!

Britannia ( 15 hours ago )

springfield45 : Quite boring, one was enough.

Craith ( 15 hours ago )

TX2Guns : Excellent Welsh Crime Drama. If you have seen Hinterland on Netflix that was filmed in Northern Wales where this is in the Southern part of the Country.

Voldemort: Origins of the Heir ( 15 hours ago )

thunderbolito : This is awesome, never mind the hate, they did a great job for what it is.

The Great British Bake Off ( 15 hours ago )

wieichbin : A reality show with a heart.

Coffin 2 ( 15 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Didn't like it. Amateurish acting and slow paced.

Evil Lives Here ( 15 hours ago )

me2ureview : I feel for the women and all they went through but one thing I just cant stand and annoys the hell out of me is when they are telling their story why do they have to pretend to be crying when clearly they are not,while they are talking they sniffle and change their voice to make it seem that they are struggling through the tears to talk yet they have dry eyes and then 2 seconds later they are telling the story with a normal voice. I don't see the point of this other then to want to gain sympathy from viewers,well there is no need for the crocodile tears just tell your story because people are already sympathetic for what you went through.

Blindspot ( 15 hours ago )

gabex : so jane still loves her husband and yet she just walked into the hotel room of another man. these hoes ain't loyal

Fences ( 15 hours ago )

Suzicueball : I really do LOVE Viola Davis and of course Denzel Washington. I thought this was a good story. Reminded me of watching a film from back in the day with the time setting and all the dialogue. Even the situation is an old one. It's slow paced for sure. I thought Mr. Washington did a great job directing this. Great drama IMO...

Killing Fields ( 15 hours ago )

ateras360 : If that gentleman was innocent, where are the apologies from the cops? Oh, yea their arrogance doesn't allow for such things to come out of their dumbass mouths, I almost forgot.....and cops wonder why people hate them.

Britannia ( 15 hours ago )

Toonaholic : If you can get past Hurdy Gurdy Man for the theme song, the show is decent. They would'a been better off with Boondock Saints opening music than that.

Armchair Detectives ( 15 hours ago )

padraigan : It's too obvious who dunnit it.

Support Your Local Sheriff ( 16 hours ago )

ace_moonshot : Garner is great as always but Jack Elam and Bruce Dern steal the show for me. They really crack me up in this. They both should've been given more comedic roles.

Beyond ( 16 hours ago )

minaesco : I can't even remember what the blonde girls storyline is about. I know she wants to kill Arthur but don't know why or why she's after those women. Friggan had to check a youtube recap video about season one cause I didn't even remember I was watching this show it was on soooooooo long ago. Geezis.

The Magicians ( 16 hours ago )

annmarie913 : I don't know why people are complaining about this season. Im really enjoying it. And I thought this episode was fantastic. So far, this season is better than last season IMO. Love this show!

The Open House ( 16 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : More of an insomnia medicine rather than a movie. Moves at a snail's pace while the lead character whines without end.The Mother's character was nice though.

Britannia ( 16 hours ago )

lasagna50 : Druid magic vs. Roman military might. I'm in.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ( 16 hours ago )

Jetx : I think I was hit - LOL, Idk why but that was flat out hilarious.

Battle Royale ( 16 hours ago )

Suzicueball : Loved it ! Yes it's the same scenario as Hunger games BUT I think it's still its own movie and also great characters. This is much more raw and bloody. Just what I expected.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 16 hours ago )

dano2562 : My guess is , they to grab Flint, and have him pull the remnants of Earth, back together.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams ( 16 hours ago )

propjoe31336 : SSM seeks Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams-ish pillow talking soulmate. Serious inquiries only please.

21 Thunder ( 16 hours ago )

warensamble : Canada does it again! LoL, no but this is actually very good. I admit l was skeptical at first but l now know it’s a good show. I mean it’s no “He shoots....... He scores!” but this show could last a few seasons. Most of the characters are likable except for Christie Cook’s mother.

Britannia ( 16 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : The cinematography and acting pull this series from ok to really entertaining to watch! The historical accuracy has to be to one side to truly bring maximum enjoyment levels about. Many elements are not as they would have been, but it is a fantastic and addictive project to say the least (so far). Thank you, uploaders. 👍

Hell's Kitchen ( 16 hours ago )

kmn086 : Wyclef at the chefs table super drunk. Lol

Britannia ( 16 hours ago )

MyongSooksoo : Pure brilliance! The history nerd inside me drools in expectation of the next episode!

Delirium ( 16 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Best to skip this. Badly acted and not much horror in it.

The Shape of Water ( 16 hours ago )

jgutierrez81 : I liked this movie. it touches on a lot of subjects still relevant today. not everyone will like it. a lot of "people" will find the topics too PC for them. other may cringe at some of the scenes. I know I had trouble with a couple of scenes in the movie. overall I really liked it. my only complaint is that it should have been shorter and secondly,this movie should have been PG-13. there really was no reason for the R rating and the nudity. it usually doesn't bother me, like at all, but this time I just didn't see what it could gain or lose with an R rating. besides that, good show.

The Last Patrol ( 16 hours ago )

MyongSooksoo : The only reason to watch this film is to drool over Dolph´s pecks! Pure man-candy that one! :D

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