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The Shape of Water ( 16 hours ago )

jgutierrez81 : I liked this movie. it touches on a lot of subjects still relevant today. not everyone will like it. a lot of "people" will find the topics too PC for them. other may cringe at some of the scenes. I know I had trouble with a couple of scenes in the movie. overall I really liked it. my only complaint is that it should have been shorter and secondly,this movie should have been PG-13. there really was no reason for the R rating and the nudity. it usually doesn't bother me, like at all, but this time I just didn't see what it could gain or lose with an R rating. besides that, good show.

The Last Patrol ( 16 hours ago )

MyongSooksoo : The only reason to watch this film is to drool over Dolph´s pecks! Pure man-candy that one! :D

Britannia ( 16 hours ago )

OzzEx : A fantastic time in our history to retell. The research is a tad wanting, but overall the nit-picking is unnecessary - except for one irritating thing. Why all the F'ing and needless use of searing? A Roman General, 'Let's get on the f'ing boat' - seriously? Otherwise, I think this will be a fun show. Assuming they don't ruin it with too much 'inclusion' and/or 'political correctness.' Here's hoping...

The Midnight Man ( 16 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : This film is very enjoyable. It starts off creepy and a wee bit gruesome, and marches straight into talent via Lyn Shaye (Insidious) who expertly conveys overwrought/hysterical most effectively. The story is creepy and fun. I do still find myself uneasy and scared at certain horror elements enough to check behind the couch and turn on lights, and this film got a wee bit under my skin and into my 'what if' brain. I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt now that most IMDB reviews are planted (this is nothing like the one review that was there led me to believe). Robert Englund was good to see, but it's Kyle Strauts as The Midnight Man that gave me the heebie jeebies! It's not a perfect film, but most creepy-lovin' horror aficionados will enjoy it. Thank you so much, uploaders.

Real Time with Bill Maher ( 16 hours ago )

Dunkleosteus : That is why i call it uncommon sense, since apparently many did not get the memo. It is sad when obvious things have to be pointed at again. [][] I used to think of myself as a clear leftist, when loving nature, freedom of expression, accepting gay people, gender equality etc. were the clear goals to achieve. But when i hear things like the (too)many different genders, and Matt Damon outrage, i really question my position on the scale. They take it too far the wrong way. [] At the moment i'd say im more of a left-centrist, drifting in the middle of what used to be a good place, the rest sunk. [] Either way, glad that Maher's back!

Hell's Kitchen ( 16 hours ago )

Suzicueball : Actually a bit boring. I'm not sure I care too much after this ep. Just curious who the winner will be now out of this group. I like Nick skills wise.

The Good Place ( 17 hours ago )

Payajin : thanks for the upload, I was wondering where this episode is. nice one, and can't wait for more!

Trolls: The Beat Goes On ( 17 hours ago )

hellsingfan01 : shockingly this show is actually pretty funny

How to Get Away with Murder ( 17 hours ago )

lorthedreamer : This show is the best thing on television since 2014. 4 Seasons and it's still great. Intense. Shocking. Emotional. Creepy. It has everything.

Celebrity Fat Fighters ( 17 hours ago )

FictionalChef : How is this dangerous, unhealthy and stupid fad on telly? This woman is a pretentious, arrogant, fake, fame seeker who's clearly desperate to ''brand'' herself as the fitness *itch. (Never having to lose weight herself, no less.) She's not remotely interested in other people or their health. She has a one-size-fits-all, unsustainable, unhealthy regime for everyone that's designed around HER brand's reputation, not health in any form. For heaven's sake, she can't even be bothered to be with them when they exercise! On top of that she's not just full of herself, but full of CRAP! There's no medical (or otherwise) basis for her self-invented 400 calories a day regime. Will they lose weight? Yup. Starvation will do that. But it will all be gained back when they leave. And statistically, they'll gain even more weight than they started with. If these folks dropped dead she wouldn't care because she's ONLY interested in herself... and her fame. That said, the has-beens who come on this program are also in it for the telly exposure. Especially Sandra from Gogglebox who has been gagging for fame for years. They're expecting to lose a ''load of weight.'' In only 5 DAYS? And you will NOT detox in only 5 days either. This show is to reality tv what boybands were to the music industry - a fabricated cash cow that the gullible and sadistic public love because watching other people suffer is ''entertaining.''

I Know Who You Are ( 17 hours ago )

LittleMissTrump : this is a good series, its spanish so has subtitles,but that doesnt put me off watching good shows from other countries. Also it has 16episodes for the season, so its better than the usual 8 we get from US series.

Ghoul ( 17 hours ago )

Suzicueball : Actually a pretty good mockumentary film. Good creepy and sad background story that was pretty interesting for that fact that a real serial killer in those parts were used. Good subs easy to follow and I always enjoy a movie filmed in a country other than where I'm from lol. Not bad good for a watch.

Love on the Slopes ( 17 hours ago )

kristinand : Loved the movie, made me want to go skiing somewhere

What Happened to Monday ( 17 hours ago )

adotkstar1296 : what a good movie

Cardinal ( 17 hours ago )

missdarkly : I don't blame Kevin that's some heavy shit to see.

Mom and Dad ( 17 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Not a great movie but Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair's acting was solid. It was a pleasure watching Nic Cage go crazy. There was some really well directed scenes. The movie could have been a lot better but i enjoyed it a lot more than i expected. Hated the daughter character so much though. That character was such an annoying b**ch.

The Magicians ( 17 hours ago )

Rooseveltjm : Omg omg...I need more

Gold Rush: White Water ( 17 hours ago )

hi55 : why would any one ask Todd Hoffman for help

High Maintenance ( 17 hours ago )

augusts1 : Janky Clown Productions LOL. Loving this show. Wonder how many of these situations are true?

The Frankenstein Chronicles ( 17 hours ago )

stephaniee_thall : Good season finale - was afraid this would be the end...end. Another long wait, as always with these series. Thank you, to all who uploaded links for this show!

The Savage Peace ( 17 hours ago )

Gagman : A documentary,I will have difficulty forgetting,yet another story which few could ever have imagined,could have occurred after the so called cease to the 2nd World War. The internet has opened so many closed doors and I am grateful to live in these times to know,what once could not be told. 10/10. What would this site be without the tireless efforts of the uploaders.Many thanks.

Chance ( 17 hours ago )

strat1163 : Chance will not be returning for season was just announced that it was cancelled!! The Hulu network execs are idiots for cancelling it...

The X Factor USA ( 17 hours ago )

marija_marija : okay, so the judge was so sad but coudn't go up to her and say sorry or some ish? that girl was crying her heart out, she deserved to stay not that dude. honestly, Nicole, get your sh*t together. you f*cked up so bad!

Happy ( 18 hours ago )

Suzicueball : AWESOME. I LOVE Christoper Meloni anyway but this show is way better than I thought it would be. I knew it would be different. I really do like the story too. I hope that there will be a 2nd season. It deserves it.

Riverdale ( 18 hours ago )

wayney85 : WTFFFF is with the red hair :/

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 18 hours ago )

ateras360 : draaaaaging on and on and on. I love this show don't get me wrong but damn, enough already....shyte!!

Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution ( 18 hours ago )

enfuriae : If people knew how cheap, easy and effective it is to convert to an off grid solar energy system, the power companies would be out of business. Most of the states that allow it, still charge a monthly service fee for allowing you to have it and that's BS considering that they're doing nothing to earn that money.

Burden of Truth ( 18 hours ago )

josh66613 : Yes! I get my KK fix since i finished Smallville on here. I tried to watch Beauty & The Beast, but i loved the original as a child, so i couldn't get used to the new one.

Mama June from Not to Hot ( 18 hours ago )

hollycoco : Moma June is looking cute!!! Love her ultra light platinum hair!

Strange Frequency ( 18 hours ago )

tomishereagain : Not bad for anthology. Liked the music foundation in each segment. I had just watched Kid (1990) so this came like a continuation, kinda sorta.

The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm ( 18 hours ago )

annelapham : part musical, part fantasy, part animation, surprising cameos from famous actors, many stories within the main storyline...i love the bedazzled dragon! and the ending, and alot in between.

The Cleaner ( 18 hours ago )

estaticrs : The first episode tries so hard to be cool it takes away from the original idea why I was SO interested in the premise of this show. They make saving people from drugs look like a show about a car repossession company. They focus MORE time on the people who aren't even addicted! The addicts are some kind of side focus, while they squabble about who gets to drive the junkie's lamborghini.

The Magicians ( 18 hours ago )

Rooseveltjm : Yes yes yes 💯 so glad its back

Britannia ( 18 hours ago )

Cesarborja1479 : Then,apart the show being historically correct or not...Kelly she is always pretty hot.

The Girl Next Door ( 18 hours ago )

myevilclown4 : Elisha Cuthbert is sooo hot

Britannia ( 18 hours ago )

Cesarborja1479 : For everyone.Please,this show it is pure Starzlike FICTION.Nothin more,nothin less.

Mom and Dad ( 18 hours ago )

stephaniee_thall : Kept my interest could've been better. Great audio and video. Thank you uploaders!

Small Town Crime ( 19 hours ago )

thunderbolito : Great cast, nice storyline, slow start, maybe the second one will be crazier, anything with Collins is good, lots of action.4/5. Hey there mofo! lol

Pit Bulls and Parolees ( 19 hours ago )

christmastiger : I have to watch this show in the mornings before I put on makeup because it never fails to make me cry, from both sadness and joy. Very few shows are like it.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 19 hours ago )

missdarkly : This storyline is starting to fizzle out for me, hope it picks back up soon.

Major Crimes ( 19 hours ago )

MIGAS21 : The show is allowed me to stop wasting my precious time with mediocre cop shows....but there is something that's bothering's when entertainment is used to pass issues undiscussed and normalize them as "self evident" truths...I previously expressed a suspicion that the writer-producers are intentionally pushing big pharma .....but on this episode they slipped in the Putin "evil dictator" narrative.... With all the anti Trump propaganda I don't have any doubts anymore that it's pure bull aswell..... It's a wonderful show and very entertaining...but that is beside the point. We have established that entertainment is weaponized. Dick Cheney called it titty-tainment. But we are all discerning viewers I think...and we can still enjoy our shows by just ignoring their "messages".

Celebrity Big Brother ( 19 hours ago )

FictionalChef : That was a surprise. In hindsight, this evicted person was boring, too. I think votes from the Cult of Sport saved the other person. Ann will surely be blamed in the following episodes for this person leaving, but it's the public who does the voting. The hypocrisy of this evictee is this: They said Ann was the polar opposite of everything they stand for and that it was hypocritical of Ann to nominate them because they laughed when someone else was in pain, because Ann caused THEM pain by nominating them. That's NOT the same. Ann stood up for her own convictions and this evictee blames her for that? THAT'S hypocritical.

Supernatural ( 19 hours ago )

efistarner : Sam and Dean Went on a hunting Trip and I haven't heard from them in a few days.....

Molly's Game ( 19 hours ago )

OffTheGrid : I expected more tbh still worth a watch

Australia Day ( 20 hours ago )

YabbaDabbaDude : There are several remarkable performances and compelling stories, but there needed to be choices made about which would become prominent and those choices aren't executed. The film becomes a frenetic turmoil of characters and stories vying for prominence -- like a band in which all the players are lead singers.

Celebrity Big Brother ( 20 hours ago )

FictionalChef : Andrew is mentally incapable of adulthood. Did you know recent scientific studies (and we know how people love to claim science is everything) have come out and said they've extended the definition of ''adolescence'' to the age of 24? That's because of you, Snowflakes. (No joke.) He's an immature moron suffering self-important delusions of grandeur because he's a product of reality tv celebrity Snowflakes who believe their own Facebook, Instagram and press agents. Like many Millennials, he's wholly without the ability to use logic, reason or common sense. He's the result of what you get when you're raised in the days of reality tv and social media. He's gob-smackingly thick, dopey, unintelligent and, like most of the people in the house, preaches one thing and does the opposite because their own rules for other people don't apply to themselves. Then he forgets what he said earlier and says the opposite later. Why? Because he's incapable of anything but surface level thinking or beyond how he feels in that moment. He has no concept of what it means to be a man. To be fair, that's not entirely his fault. Society, especially within the last 10 years, has chosen to redefine what it means to be a man and a woman, erasing thousands of years of history and cultures. Why? To justify their debauchery and lusts. With every fiber of my being, I pity Andrew and the millions of people like him. :::::::: As for the evictees - no surprise. The first was bossy, rude and annoying. The second will be John because he was boring, most likely due to a lack of air time (going by the what the others have said in the house).

Speak of the Devil ( 20 hours ago )

iomi7676 : Satanism is just rebellion against evil controlling religion and because religion teaches us to take care of our selves mentally Satanism goes against that too There is an expression "TO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS BAD"or destructive and they feel if you are a pervert dont see it as bad indulge and sex and porn is an addiction. Which is like saying OH ok keep smoking crack it wont hurt you This religion is like stupid teenagers rebelling against there parents because they dont want to do the dishes. I am not a christian, but i am not a satanist I know right from wrong. I have self respect. I dont practice hurting myself whether physical or mentally because someone tells me too. To Bad Anton had to seem so foolish and an attention seeker,with no real substance.

The Mountain Between Us ( 20 hours ago )

PHAZE_ : Once he started treating her after bringing her back and put the drill to the bit, it was evident she couldn't resist him ever again.

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